Breaking Away From Tradition

Television in the 1950s liked to portray the quintessential American family as one where Dad went off to work each day in a suit and tie (which he also wore for dinner each night), Mom stayed home and cooked three hot meals a day (along with sewing the children’s clothing and cleaning the house) and the two children – an older boy and a younger girl – always had perfect manners and didn’t sass their parents.


That family model was probably a myth back then; for sure, it is a myth today. In the current environment, less than 10 percent of American families reflect the model where Dad is the sole wage earner, Mom stays home and there are children under 18 years of age still at home.


While James Dobson and his Focus on the Family followers are probably unhappy with the actual family model, it is good news for jewelers: more women than ever before work outside of the home and now have the discretionary income to buy jewelry for themselves.


More Women Shoppers Being Born

Aside from the cultural norms in America – the country with the more cathedrals of consumption (malls) than any other country in the world, whose motto is “Born to Spend” – the U.S. population base is expected to continue to grow over the long term. This is dramatically different from some other affluent regions of the world – notably Eastern Europe – where the population is expected to decline modestly over the next several decades. Even in the fast-growing market of China, population is expected to peak sometime in the decade of 2040 and then begin to decline, unless its political leaders eliminate birth control requirements.

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