Age Not A Major Determinant in Household Discretionary Income & Jewelry Expenditures

Historically, jewelry expenditures varied substantially by age. In today’s market, age is much less of a determinant of jewelry spending. As the latest data from the Consumer Expenditure Survey shows on graph 12, per household spending on jewelry does not vary significantly by age.


The most important demographic factor that affects jewelry spending is the income level of a household. Graph 13 summarizes jewelry expenditures by income levels for American households.


When discretionary income levels are examined, the same conclusion can be drawn: discretionary income does not vary much by age. Rather, it varies dramatically by the number of wage earners in the family.


Graph 14 illustrates the disparity in discretionary income levels by age group and total wage earners in the family. Clearly, whenever there are two wage earners, the level of discretionary income in the household rises sharply. Since jewelry is purchased with consumers’ discretionary income, it is important for jewelers to focus on all ages of shoppers who enter their store.

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