Reiterate: The Opportunity for Jewelers

The U.S. market, which accounts for about 50 percent of the demand (by value) of the global jewelry market, is particularly attractive for jewelers for many reasons. Further, the importance of the self-purchasing woman is increasing, driven by the following factors:


  • The U.S. population is increasing. By 2050, there will be 60 million more women in the U.S. population than there are today.


  • Women are achieving equality in the workforce.


  • Women’s wages are rapidly catching up with men.


  • Dual-income households – where both the wife and husband work – are increasing; they are also producing high levels of discretionary income.


  • All ages of women shop for jewelry in today’s market. Previously, jewelry demand was strongest among females age 50-to-65.


  • There are more women than ever in higher paying white-collar jobs in occupations where levels of pay are above average.


  • Jewelers should focus on the self-purchasing woman. She will make the buying decision and will often pay for the jewelry herself. Keep the man out of the transaction equation.

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