Julius Klein Group

Name: Moshe Klein


Position: Director of Sales; part of the third generation of Kleins to work in our family’s business


Company name: Julius Klein Group


Type of business: Diamond manufacturer, diamond jewelry design and Diamond Trading Company Sightholder


Years in business: 61


Company Size: Eight offices internationally and four manufacturing facilities


Business Philosophy: To maintain the highest level of honesty and integrity throughout all aspects of our day-to-day business while maintaining a customer centric mentality.


What are the company’s long term goals? To foster our partnerships with our retail customers (both domestic and international) to ensure that we are always competitive and that ultimately, they never lose a sale.


What are the greatest changes you have seen since you joined the industry? The biggest change I’ve witnessed is that the business today is focused much more downstream than it was (even) 10 years ago. When I first entered the business, we were selling about 80 percent to wholesalers, whereas today we're selling the majority of our goods directly to retailers


What would improve your business in the future? Market stabilization so we can get back to conducting “healthy business.”


How does the company give back to the community? We give back to the communities we operate in through a number of different philanthropic activities including  monetary contributions, undertaking different types of social/community work and providing jobs and skills training to employees globally


What is your greatest regret? Never learning to swim


What is your greatest accomplishment? Ask me when I’m 80


What word or phrase do you most overuse? “It’s a diamond emergency!”


Who do you most admire and why? Most definitely my grandparents, who were both Holocaust survivors because even after what they went through in their lives, they never, ever gave up hope or let their spirits waiver. Together, they overcame the most extreme situations one can’t even imagine and built their lives anew, piece by piece.


What would you take with you to a desert island? My lovely wife Sheindy and my five beautiful children


What is the best piece of advice you ever received? Again, referring back to my grandfather – to never look back, to never give up, to fight for what one believes in and to be a leader and never follow the crowd


What is your idea of perfect happiness? Peace and prosperity to all…and a Corona with lime wouldn’t hurt.

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