The Jewelers Board of Trade (JBT)

Name of Organization: The Jewelers Board of Trade (JBT)


Years in Operation: 125 years, from 1884


Number of Members: 2,850


Location: Headquartered in Warwick, Rhode Island with a branch office in New York City.


Board Members: 24 representatives/principals in JBT member firms


Organizational Aims: The Jewelers Board of Trade is a U.S.-based, member-directed and member-funded organization that promotes the welfare of its constituents and the jewelry industry overall by obtaining and delivering accurate and reliable credit information, effective collection services and education in credit-related matters.


JBT Strategic Initiatives focus on three key areas:


  • Technology: Dedication to delivering a continually enhanced suite of credit, collections and database marketing tools to members online, 24X7.


  • Industry Welfare: Provide credit education to the industry, guide members’ usage of web-based services and grow participation in JBT Interchange program, which enriches credit-data quality.


  • International Outreach: Form global alliances with trade organizations to reach out to their members and educate them about JBT, while promoting international-member growth.


Main Activities: JBT is the only credit information organization dedicated solely to the U.S. jewelry industry, and every day serves 2,800 domestic and international members who seek critical financial information to make informed credit decisions, especially in demanding business climates. JBT’s independence insures the neutrality of information provided to members, and is supported by a long-standing reputation and commitment to honesty, integrity and confidentiality. While the majority of members are U.S. based, international members represent 15 countries including China/Hong Kong, Israel, Germany, Thailand, Italy and India.


JBT provides members with 24X7 online access to information on the U.S. jewelry industry, to assist them in credit decision making, collections and marketing. JBT’s core services include detailed credit reports with credit ratings, a suite of collections services and customizable database marketing tools. In addition, members can search JBT’s database of over 30,000 business listings online through JBT Advanced Search, and tailor their search by region, credit rating and other criteria. JBT staff and investigators are available by phone or in person for additional assistance and guidance.


Recent technology advances include JBT Credit Watch, which sends daily email notifications to members informing them of changes to their customers’ credit information. Collections Services offer three options: Free Demand, which can potentially result in the collection of a claim at no cost to the member, along with fee-based Collector action and Attorney services. Rental Lists and Labels for marketing and prospecting can be customized and ordered online. Various seminars are offered throughout the year, often coinciding with industry trade shows. JBT also publishes monthly industry reports to keep members abreast of relevant news and information.

The Red Book, a listing of all businesses in JBT’s database with credit ratings, is published every March and September in print form as well as on a CD. Red Book content is continually updated throughout the year and can be accessed by members online.


Contact Details:     

The Jewelers Board of Trade

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Warwick, RI 02888


401-467-6060 fax




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New York, NY 10036


212354-2595 fax

P.O.Box 3107, Ramat Gan 52130, Israel.
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