Stop Throwing Money Away

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Every time you ship a package, there is an excellent chance you are throwing away money – quite possibly a lot of money. While sending a package seems straightforward – slap a label on the package, check the destination address, add some postage and send it on its way – in the jewelry industry, it is more complicated than that. There are returns to manage, suppliers who need to send you materials and multiple employees or locations from which merchandise is shipped or received. Suddenly, it is easy to overspend.


Here is how to stop: find a shipping provider that knows as much about creating operational efficiencies as it does about safely delivering packages. Thanks to advances in technology, it is possible to find seamless shipping solutions that save you money, while also improving your customer and supplier relationships. Here is how:


Remove The Risk From Customer Returns

Customer returns can be costly and time consuming. Returns are usual and customary, but there Is no need for you to bankroll them. Select a shipping provider that can manage your returns using your customer’s credit cards. Instantly the cost of the return AND the liability for any loss claim are removed from your books. How easy was that?


Take Control of Vendor Shipments

How many times have you given a vendor your shipping account number? Why not, you have used them for years, right? Wrong. Even a great vendor can inadvertently send packages to other customers using your shipping account number. You could be paying for a shipment to a competitor – or anyone else for that matter. Stop paying for other people’s shipments by finding a provider that has the technology to eliminate this possibility. Better still, find one that notifies your distribution center, warehouse or store location that a package is coming the instant a label is created.


Streamline Your Shipping

Multiple locations or employees can challenge your operation’s shipping process. Find a shipping resource that can streamline your operation and save you money. For example, with just the addition of batch printing your fulfillment team can expedite the shipping process. And, by integrating shipping into the order system, you’ve just eliminated the time-consuming double entry of customer information – and removed the potential for costly mistakes.


Small Changes Add Up

Insuring high-value packages is a smart business decision. If the package is lost, you’re made whole. But there’s much more to the shipping process than getting from Point A to Point B. Operational efficiencies within the shipping process itself can save you thousands of dollars. And in an economy where everyone is sharpening their pencils to maintain margins, finding easy money is a win. Best of all, when it comes to shipping, it’s easy to do.


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