Organization Profile



Name of Organization  

The Diamond Bourse of Canada (DBC)


Years in Operation  

While the DBC began accepting members in January 2010, the bourse facility though opened officially in March 2010, with trading activities beginning in May 2010. 


Number of Members

The DBC currently has about 90 members and fully expects to reach more than 100 members by January 2012.



The DBC is located in downtown Toronto, North America’s fifth-largest city – right at the heart of the city’s financial district.


Board Members

The DBC’s board of directors is currently based on the original founding members of the bourse. (The first elections are due in March 2012)


The founding members are:


  • Bhushan Vora
  • Gregory Jacobson
  • Uri Ariel
  • David Gavin
  • John Minister
  • Minesh Shah
  • Allen Shechtman
  • Tsafrir Romi                        
  • Ajay Jariwala
  • Bert Frankian
  • Filip Zimmerman
  • Krikor Artinian
  • Sanghita Shah
  • Bob Novak

Mission Statement

To provide members of the Canadian Diamond Industry with a secure space to trade stones, network with other dealers and form a global voice for the industry in a premier facility equipped specifically for the diamond industry.


Organizational Aims

  1. To increase efficiencies and reduce trading costs within all of Canada’s secondary markets for diamonds and diamond goods.

  1. To invigorate existing diamond-trading activities in Canada, by utilizing and implementing new disruptive technologies

  1. To provide our members with the best possible set of industry-related services and benefits.

  1. To establish a platform that will enable rough diamonds to be sold in Canada both in a primary and secondary market setting.
  1. To represent the interests of Canadian diamond stakeholders, and to become the focal point of the Canadian diamond industry.

  1. To invigorate, assist and support all aspects relating to diamond manufacturing operations in Canada, and to lobby government and industry for creating and maintaining a hospitable operational environment for diamond manufacturers.

  1. To increase the consumer recognition for Canadian diamonds around the globe, and to work with local and international stakeholders to establish a coherent value proposition for Canadian diamond goods.

Main Activities

·         Trading diamonds and gems stones.

·         Providing industry-related services.

·         Providing a variety of benefits to our members.

·         Bonded warehouse facility services, including bonded shipping.

·         Gem lab services and deals.

·         Secure facility, and secure vaults.

·         Networking events.

·         Educational events.

·         Industry contacts, networking services, and business-matching services to bourse members.

·         Implementing diamond-related technological solutions.


The DBC has experienced substantial growth since January 2011, with its total number of members increasing from 38 to more than 90 within a few short months. The volume of trade conducted in and through the DBC has also experienced a dramatic increase. In addition, the DBC has embraced technology in a way that no other diamond bourse has done before, and expects to incrementally deploy a set of unique diamond-trading technological solutions over the next few months.


Contact Details:

Adam Shubinsky

Managing Director



The Diamond Bourse of Canada
20 Richmond Street East, Suite #302
Toronto, Ontario, M5C 2R9, Canada


Telephone: +1 (416) 663-3262
Fax: +1 (416) 663-3263
Toll Free: 1-888-963-3262


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