Diamond Retail Benchmark
The Diamond Retail Benchmark is based on the following principles:

   • Based on up-to-date market data
   • Derived using an objective and transparent methodology
   • Audited by a third party
   • Supportive of the trade
   • Accessible to consumers worldwide
   • Governed by an inclusive board with representatives from all stakeholders - manufactures, wholesalers,
      retailers and consumer advocates

For each category of Cut (Shape), Carat, Color and Clarity, the DRB is determined by the following algorithm:

  The algorithm analyzes all diamonds and its asking prices in each category, cleans-up outliers using a pre-determined statistical method and determines the high asking price for that category.   The algorithm applies a high-end retail markup. The markup multiple is highest for less expensive diamonds and goes down gradually for very expensive stones.   High-end asking prices at the wholesale level and high-end multiples ensure ample room for all business models.  

The integrity and strict application of the algorithm is audited by a third party auditing firm to ensure no human intervention.

Consumer Education and Drivers of Discount from DRB:

“Our Price” is always lower than “DRB”. Consumers will compare based on levels of discount off the DRB.

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