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The IDEX Online Research materials are unique analysis articles that can’t be found anywhere else in the global diamond industry press. From the careful dissection of retailers’ financial results to the latest premiums and prices paid on DTC rough diamond boxes, IDEX Online provides the savvy industry reader with a depth and breadth of information and business intelligence that help business succeed.

Our research team is regularly commissioned for analysis projects on the diamond and jewelry industry, providing an extra layer of information to its clients. Diamond prices, mining issues, grading, manufacturing and trends in rough diamond marketing are all among our expertise.

Ken Gassman, head of the IDEX Online Research department, has been involved in the jewelry industry for almost 30 years. During a 20-year career as a Wall Street investment banker, he worked with retailers and consumer goods producers. He facilitated various transactions involving jewelry companies, including bringing Reeds Jewelers public, buying and selling various jewelry and diamond companies, and producing research on the global industry.

Danielle Max has been covering the diamond industry for more than two decades, specializing in both the rough and polished diamond sectors, political aspects of the industry and the global diamond centers.

Please contact us at for more information about our commissioned research projects.

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