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Cheer Up! Online Backlash Against Miserable Jewelry Models

Indian fashion and jewlery designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee has been ridiculed online over a campaign image featuring six unsmiling women. The couturier launched his Sabyasachi fine.... Read More..

Pope Blesses Foundry's Lab Grown Diamond

The lab grown company that counts Leonardo DiCaprio among its high-profile backers has had the Pope bless one of its diamonds. He gave his blessing to a five-carat solitaire cross diamond, grown... Read More..

IDEX Price Report for 1 December: Price Gains Outweigh Losses

November was a busy month for rounds and fancies. There was more movement than usual in both directions, but prices overall were up. Plenty of movement in both directions among rounds... Read More..

Honest Climber gets Half Share of Air Crash Gems

A climber who found a treasure trove of gems from a 1966 air crash near Mont Blanc, France, has been awarded a half share, worth an estimated $169,000. He has also been praised for his ...; Read More..

Mine Charged with Safety Breaches over Rock Fall Injury

The Diavik diamond mine, in Canada, has been charged with health and safety breaches after a worker was injured in a rock fall. Diavik Diamond Mines Inc., the mine manager, the blasting ... Read More..

IDEX Polished Price Index Rises in November

The IDEX Polished Price Index saw its biggest rise of the year, up by three per cent during November. It was virtually flat for the first half of the month, rose gradually from the 18th, then ... Read More..