Customize and broker inventories estimated at more than $5 billion from sellers around the world, without laying out money on inventory. With this fully customizable database, you define the diamond inventory to be displayed on your website according to your chosen characteristics, such as cut, carat, color, clarity, cut grade, price, certificate, supplier and location. Plus, you get to decide the markup and the currency of choice (dollars, euros or rupees).


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No matter what your online presence is, be it a full website, a simple page online, we provide a solution to match your needs:

IDEX Onsite Embedded Diamond Search for Natural Diamonds

The IDEX diamond search engine and results pages can be seamlessly embedded into your existing website, allowing complete control over your corporate identity. To activate this option, you will receive a code that you simply copy and paste into your website.

IDEX Onsite API for Natural Diamonds

IDEX Onsite can also be imported via a real-time web service. After customizing and selecting your preferred inventories from the IDEX Onsite database, simply connect to our Onsite API to receive regular updates of your selected inventory.
visit the documenation on our API site.

IDEX Onsite API for Lab-Grown Diamonds

IDEX Onsite can also be imported via a real-time web service, providing you with an hourly updated file of all lab grown diamonds posted for sale on IDEX.
visit the documenation on our API site.

Download File – Natural Diamonds

You can download your selection from the extensive IDEX inventory using the file format of your choice. The polished diamond inventories file can be uploaded to your website provided you adhere to the IDEX Onsite subscription agreement. Please select and download your preferred file format.

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