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Latest News & Stories

Coronavirus: Alrosa Delays Next Two Sales

Alrosa is postponing its next two trading sessions in response to a continuing slump in demand. The Russian state-owned miner sold just $40m of diamonds in May... Read More..

Coronavirus: Surat Markets to Re-open but Merchants Must Promise to Behave

Diamond markets in Surat, India, are due to re-open tomorrow, but have been warned that they'll be closed again if more than 10 people test positive for coronavirus.... Read More..

Angola Police Seize 4,500 Diamonds from French National

Police in Angola seized almost 4,500 diamonds and detained a French national as part of its Operation Transparency. It followed a number of tip-offs regarding the alleged clandestine... Read More..

Call to Slash India's Import Duty on Polished Diamonds

India's ailing diamond industry is calling for a huge cut in the duty charged on its polished imports. It's also requesting "direct" rough purchases to reduce costs.... Read More..

Updated Bible of Lab-Grown Diamonds

The "bible" of lab-grown diamonds is being republished to update jewelers, traders and consumers. Authors Dusan Simic and Branko Deljanin have revised existing content.... Read More..

A False Dawn? Polished Diamond Price Index Falls Slightly in June

The IDEX Polished Diamond Price Index was down in June by 0.35 per cent with only negligible changes day-to-day. There were some hopes of a post-COVID recovery in April, when the Index.... Read More..