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US Jewelry Store Owner Shot Dead in Raid

The owner of a jewelry store was shot dead during an armed raid in Stamford, Connecticut. Mark Vuono, aged 69, suffered a fatal gunshot wound on Saturday afternoon... Read More..

Coronavirus: Gem Diamonds Raises $12m in First Flexible Tender

Gem Diamonds sold stones worth $12.1m at its first flexible tender sale, introduced as a result of coronavirus travel restrictions. Its sale of large, high quality diamonds from the Letseng mine... Read More..


As the global pandemic changes life for everyone, we at IDEX are adjusting to the "new normal". It's time to take a bold and decisive action... Read More..

IDEX Price Report: Polished Prices Mostly Flat in March, Some One-Carat Rounds Up

Prices for March followed a similar pattern to recent months, with no movement at all in the majority of carat, color and clarity categories and a mix of fluctuations in those which did see change.... Read More..

Petra's Tender Prices Slump by a Quarter amid "Depressed and Opportunistic" Bidding

Petra saw rough prices slump by almost a quarter at tenders in South Africa and Antwerp earlier this month, as demand evaporated. Bidding, especially for larger stones was "severely depressed... Read More..

Diamond Face Masks Could Kill Coronavirus

Tiny diamond particles could be used in a new generation of virus-killing face masks. Researchers believe a coating of salt crystals and nano-diamonds will actually destroy viruses.. Read More..