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Jewelers of America opens nomination period for its GEM Awards

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DiaCam360 to lift veil on automated diamond grading at JCK

Deep Learning & AI (Artificial Intelligence) will soon play a major role in the automated identification of a diamond's color and clarity through data bases of diamond images. Read More..

Paola De Luca to speak at COUTURE about impact of digital era on jewelry design

The talk will address how consumer behavior and social changes not only impact the jewelry industry and other luxury market segments, but also have their effect on product directions, purchasing and communications. Read More..

Sarine introduces 3d-origin accurate model of original rough diamond

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MVI Marketing asks: Are millennial couples buying lab-grown bridals?

MVI releases video with the Millennial couples talking about engagement rings. And the results are...? Read More..

LGDC to create first sustainability standard in the diamond and jewelry market.

Lab grown diamonds are uniquely positioned in the diamond and jewelry market to carry a sustainability standard. This standard will clearly set the benchmark for transparent reporting.  Read More..