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Latest News & Stories

De Beers CEO to Address Tel Aviv Presidents’ Meeting

Philippe Mellier, CEO of the De Beers Group will be a keynote speaker at the upcoming Presidents' Meeting, to be held in Tel Aviv on June 14-16. Mellier will speak on "Perspectives on the Diamond Industry."  Read More..

Letšeng Tenders Achieve $2,146 p/c in Q1

Gem Diamonds released its 2015 Q1 performance figures, showing a slight improvement on the previous year’s results. Read More..

De Beers Places Looking for Kimberley Mines Buyer

De Beers has announced its intention to place the Kimberley Mines Tailings operation on the market. The move comes in an attempt to extend the mines’ operating life beyond 2018.The company says that no further capital investment, other than stay-in business capital, would be required to run the mine. It added that the life of the mine could potentially be extended until 2030, by utilizing more efficient and lower cost processing methods. Read More..

Algara Launches Color-Changing Jewelry

Hong Kong-based fashion jewelry brand manufacturer Algara has developed a color-changing jewelry piece that will allow the wearer to select their favorite color at the touch of an app button. Read More..

Euro MPs Vote to Ban Conflict Minerals

In a surprise decision, the European Parliament voted yesterday (Wednesday) to ensure that as with diamonds and other precious stones, European Union (EU) importers of tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold for manufacturing consumer goods, be certified by the EU to ensure they do not fuel conflicts OR human rights abuses in conflict areas. Read More..

IDEX Online Polished Price Changes – May 21, 2015

Trade in rounds continued to be sluggish this week with relatively few changes, although there was a little more movement than in previous weeks. Most of the moment was in the lower colors and clarities. Read More..