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Latest News & Stories

DMCC Welcomes 12,000th Company

The Dubai Multi-Commodities Centre (DMCC) has announced that it welcomed the 12,000th member company to join the organization last month, according to a report in The National. Read More..

De Beers Invests $52.5 M. in Skills Training & Social Projects in 2015‎

The De Beers Group of Companies has announced that its investment in skills training for local workforces and social projects increased 13 percent to $52.5 million in 2015. Read More..

Hennig Tenders to Host Yellow Collection Rough Diamond Tender

Independent international diamond tender operator Hennig Tenders has announced that it will hold a tender of special rough single yellow stones recovered by Batla Minerals SA. Read More..

Rio Tinto Reveals 2.83-Carat 'Argyle Violet' Diamond ‎

Rio Tinto has revealed a 2.83-carat polished oval-shaped violet diamond known at The Argyle Violet, which will be the centrepiece of the 2016 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender. Read More..

PDE Leadership to Visit UAE/Turkey on International Outreach Program

Panama Diamond Exchange’s (PDE) leadership will visit UAE and Turkey in May, as part of the bourse’s aim to foster ties between Latin America gemstone and jewelry traders and members of the global trade. Read More..

NRF Predicts $4.2 Billion Spend on Jewelery for Mother’s Day

The National Retail Federation’s (NRF) annual survey has predicted that US consumers will spend approximately $4.2 billion on jewelry on Mother’s Day. Read More..