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Latest News & Stories

Silver Institute Adds ‘Silver Style Partners’ to Jewelry Marketing Initiative

The Silver Promotion Service (SPS) is expanding the Savor Silver program ( to include a new merchandise classification. The new participants will be identified as “Silver Style Partners” and will participate alongside pre-existing “Designers of Distinction” or “SilverMark Partners.” Read More..

Press Release: International Diamond Week to Kick Off On August 30

(Press Release) – While the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) is officially in recess for summer holidays, anyone walking the busy corridors of the four high rises that comprise the exchange complex could get quite a different impression. “Many diamond companies are already gearing up for the trade shows later this summer and fall... Read More..

Blue Star Diamonds Offering Tender with 120 Day’s Credit

Diamond manufacturer Blue Star Diamonds Pvt. Limited is holding an online polished diamond tender. The tender will consist of more than 200 lots and will take place from August 6-13. Read More..

GIA Breaks Ties with Five Indian Clients over Fraudulent Inscriptions

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has closed accounts with five Indian firms due to suspicion that they had repeatedly submitted stones with pre-existing GIA report numbers that were not connected to the diamonds being submitted for grading. Read More..

Polished Diamond Prices Rise in July

The IDEX Index for global polished diamond prices showed an increase in July, but that single index figure does not tell the whole story. Prices were mixed, and trading was choppy. Here’s the underlying detail: Read More..

GIA Introduces Lower Cost Digital Report for Smaller Diamonds

GIA has begun offering a new low-cost digital-only report for natural, D-to-Z color, round brilliant-cut diamonds weighing between 0.15 and 0.29 carats. The GIA Diamond Focus Report includes carat weight; color, clarity and cut grades and polish and symmetry grade with a fluorescence description. A laser inscription of the GIA report number is also included. Read More..