Euri Inc Releases Multimedia Ring Box
(October 3, '07, 5:21 IDEX Online Staff Reporter)

California-based hi-tech company Euri Inc has released an invention for the jewelry world – a multimedia ring box incorporating an LCD display that automatically plays a personalized video, picture slideshow or audio when opened.


Called the Euricase, each fully-customizable case is about the same size as the average ring box and is available in an assortment of colored and metallic finishes.


When the box is opened, it features soft perimeter lighting on the ring, and the 2-inch LCD also includes a clock, alarm, calendar, and photo-album display. It retails for $198.95.


Multimedia files are uploaded via a USB port, and over 500 pictures or 60 minutes of video can be loaded on the box. “Euricase will change jewelry gift-giving as we know it today,” said Euri founder and President Danny Oh. “It will not be thrown away or put in a drawer.  The box will be shared with family and friends as an ongoing reminder of the couple’s special life events,” he added.