Visitor Returns $32 Million Bag of Diamonds at HK Fair
(June 27, '13, 3:27 Danielle Max)

(IDEX Online News) – A diamond dealer had a lucky escape after leaving a bag of diamonds worth $32 million in a café at the Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair.


Fortunately for the unnamed Israeli trader, the bag of diamonds was found by Shenzen tourist Fu Zhuli, who not only returned the gems, but also told off the dealer for being so careless in the first place, reports the Shenzhen Daily.


Fu told the paper that she had decided to take a break at the show and sat down in one of the fair’s cafes. She saw two foreigners chatting and only once they had left did she see that they had left a black bag behind.


After opening the bag, the jewelry enthusiast found “a trove of good quality, soy-bean-sized roughs.”


She guarded the bag for two hours until one of the foreigners ran back into the café.


“The shirt on his back was soaked with sweat, and his face was pale. He rushed in and saw the bag with me and leaned forward, uttered some incoherent words and kept bowing and saying ‘thank you’ in Putonghua,” she said. “I told him off for being so careless and leaving something so precious behind,” reported the Shenzen Daily.


As for whether she had considered taking the bag, Fu told the paper that she is a Christian and that her husband who works in the Shenzen police force, had told her to report the finding to police immediately.


“I never thought of doing that, I just felt like [the men] would come back to get it so I just sat there and waited,” Fu said. "I am a very honest, simple person and I believe in sincerity."