In Tough Times, Even Fantasy Bras Costs Less
(October 19, '08, 6:38 Edahn Golan)
A symbol of extravagance, the annual Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra is a one of kind annual creation studded with diamonds and precious gems that has a price tag of millions of dollars. But contrary to the common tendency of trying to out do and create a more expensive bra every year, this year modesty ruled. Sort off.


The 2008 version is dubbed the Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle. Created by jeweler Martin Katz, it is set with 3,575 black diamonds, 117 certified 1 carat white round diamonds and 34 rubies. Two black diamond drops totaling 100 carats swing to complete the creation.


The 1,500 carat brassiere, promised to have “maximum cleavage enhancement,” is pegged at $5 million. While far from being priced as a consumer product, it is offered at far less then the previous creations.


The 2006 version was a $6.5 million bra embroidered with more than 2,000 Hearts on Fire diamonds, weighing 800 carats. It also had a 10-carat diamond brooch centerpiece.


Supermodel Tyra Banks gave the diamond industry a lift in 2004 with a $10 million bra. In 2003, the one-of-a-kind undergarment was tagged at £11 million and in 2001 the Heavenly Star Bra was offered at a mere $12.5 million.